Research Project in Computational Intelligence (2023-2024)


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Study resources relevant for the purpose of this class are available on the UBB Sharepoint platform.

Work split-up

Report 1: Title and table of contents

A report will be prepared, to include the following:

Report 2: Bibliographical documentation

A report will be prepared to include a list of the bibliography entries relevant to the research. For any reference, the report should include a brief summary of the paper, and an evaluation of the importance and the place the said reference has in the economy of the research.

Report 3: Full text of the report

The final text of the report will be be prepared. The contents will have to match the title and the requirements of a research project. Any report not satisfying these requirements will be rejected.

Report defense

The report defense consists of a 1000 words introspective essay with an analysis of the activity the student has performed for completing all the assignments, in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The essay will have to cover the following:

Grading scheme

Final grades

Resit session

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